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  • 20 January 2022
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It Pays to Be Zen 

The ZenMaster Community is an exclusive group of ZenGRC power users who come together to share knowledge, past experiences and new ways to innovate — and, in doing so, reap the rewards of being one of ZenGRC’s biggest advocates!

As a ZenMaster, you’ll gain access to unique networking and learning opportunities designed to enhance both your personal and professional development and achieve maximum success with ZenGRC. You’ll have exclusive access to our product experts and receive 5 free GRC Expert hours. Oh, and there’s free swag! 

The best part is that membership comes with no cost. Once you participate in a Reciprocity-related reference activity, you can start reaping the benefits. A simple task for any ZenMaster. 


The Benefits of Being Zen

As a ZenMaster, you’ll enjoy exclusive opportunities to:


Ø  Access GRC Expert Hours — for Free!

Receive 5 free GRC Expert hours* a year, a $1250 value, when you join ZenMasters.

*Limit to 5 hours per company annually. 


Ø  Become a leader of the ZenGage Community.

Our ZenGage community comprises a select group of ZenGRC experts, product managers and the most innovative minds in the GRC space. With access to this private Group, you’ll meet like-minded people and can troubleshoot, strategize and share best practices.


Ø  Share your feedback 

We want Reciprocity’s products to work right for you, your teams and your company. To that end, we offer 1:1 meetings with our EVP of Product, Michael Maggio, to see how you can make the most out of the next generation of ZenGRC. The feedback you provide helps us identify areas for improvement and any customizations that might be required for your company.


Ø  Raise your status as an industry leader.

We have multiple opportunities for you to meet and share your ZenGRC successes with other users through featured Customer Spotlight articles, Customer Advisory Board participation, speaking engagements, and producing case studies and video testimonials. 


Ø  Score Reciprocity swag.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Be the first to receive the newest brand merchandise when it comes out!


Be Loud, Be Proud...But in a Zen Way 

There are a number of ways to share your ZenGRC successes. Choose from the list below - whatever works best for you - to start sharing your story.* 

*Once you participate in one of these reference activities, you’ll unlock all the benefits awarded to ZenMasters. 


Prospect Reference Calls

  • Share your experience with ZenGRC over the phone with prospective customers. 

Online Review Submission

  • Submit a ZenGRC review to G2, Capterra or Gartner Peer Insights.

Media Activities 

  • Work with Reciprocity’s PR team to provide a quote or interview for a media publication. 

Case Study

  • Document your ZenGRC success story in a published case study. 

Video Testimonial

  • Share your ZenGRC success story in a published video. 

Speaking Opportunities 

  • Establish a greater thought leadership presence by speaking at a Reciprocity-hosted event, such as a webinar, user group, conference, podcast or Executive Advisory Board meetings. 


Join the ZenMaster Community Today!

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ZenMasters are the best!


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